Oh, ​Waterfall!

Whether or not we chose to admit it, there’s a lot more going on in sex than we may have guessed. Like the beautiful natural phenomenon it is named after, the waterfall position is one with the woman doing all the work(riding). To get into this position, the man lies with his head and shoulder […]

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Heaven, I Need A Hug!!!

So many times I have tried to encourage myself that this feeling of loneliness and depression engulfing me will someday gonna be a tale. The feeling is so strong words have failed me on how to describe it. I usually find succour in soaking my pillow with tears every time I feel like this. Other times, […]

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Oh April!

Happy new month everyone! Hmmm, just like yesterday, 2016 is gradually rolling out before us and I am so glad to welcome u all to April, my birth month. Ok, I’m done with this post as it is just about me and my birthday! Happy new month once again, and Stay Fab!

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The “Slavery” Market

Dear Diary, I have come to  the realization that in this life where we have found ourselves, so many of us actually die unfulfilled. As humans, our needs are insatiable, that’s why we strive hard to achieve greatness. Right from the moment we put our first foot to the ground, the hustle begins. We are […]

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Welcome To The Month Of March

It’s amazing how time flies! I’m so sorry not much has been put up on here since the 1st of January, we hope things get better this year as there are so many interesting gists and stories but phew, there’s just not enough time for documentation :(. We appreciate the Almighty that despite the hardship […]

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year!!! Yaay! And the New year is finally upon us! We are indeed very grateful to the Most High that you are alive to read this post because so many people would have given their left eyes just to see the new year. Our sincere prayers are that this year 2016 would bring […]

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Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!

Like the saying, it’s better late than never. We are indeed sorry guys that our Christmas wishes are coming late :(. Therefore, we are wishing all our beloved and potential readers a belated Christmas! Because we are still basking in the euphoria of the season, and gratefully, today is Boxing Day! we therefore use this […]

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