The Tessa Series (2)

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Juwon’s door didn’t open until the second bang landed on the door.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, Juwon swung his door open with so much irritation and annoyance at the unnecessary disturbance the bang on his door just brought to his groove.

Without waiting for the door to open fully, Tessa began to rant about how the noise from his stereo set was disturbing her peace.

“And you are?” Juwon asked with disgust.

No one dared to question him, not even his landlady bothered him anymore, not after he pushed the poor old woman to the floor and it was just by grace that she didn’t pass away as a result of the fall.

What silly question is this one asking me? Tessa thought but brought herself to answer him as she barked out her name in his face.

“Oh, you’re the new tenant who lives opposite me and never gets to even interact with others? I’m sorry if you feel disturbed by the sound of my music, but that’s how I unwind in my own little… ”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a sexy female voice from his room asked, “J-boy, who’s that now? I am getting impatient here”.

Juwon without further delay beckoned his apology to Tessa and in a flash, was out of her face.

Tessa stood transfixed for another five seconds before it dawned on her that her neighbour had just dismissed her.

“Ptcheew…!”, she hissed loudly, “He even has a terribly annoying attitude, I should deal with him,” she murmured under her breath as she went back into her room.


“Yes?….what is it mum?…..I have told you to leave me alone, do you have to always monitor me just because you birthed me?…. Mama Tessa, bye”.

The call ended abruptly and Zoe sobbed silently while she wished she could just end it all, right there.

At this point, she couldn’t endure the pain and anguish any more, her daughter who once cherished her has become her worst nightmare and the knowledge and realization of it is killing her as the day goes by.

In a swift movement, Zoe Teriba got up from her bed and looked round the room, searching with her eyes whatever that would make this decision easy for her.

Without stress, she soon found a bottle of insecticide, she was more than grateful that the bottle still contained some content.

In an instance without any thoughts, Zoe opened its cover and drank the remaining content, smiled to herself like she just won a medal and sat quietly on the corner of her bed, as she waited to die peacefully…


“Babe, I can’t seem to get him off my mind. The mere thought of him gets me wet, gosh! ” Tessa said.

“But I thought you couldn’t stand him, that he is a nuisance, and you hated him and his guts so much,” Subomi; Tessa’s bestie blotted out in confusion, “Maybe there’s something you’re not telling me, but I’m not comfortable with this your….”

“Just let sleeping dogs lie, when I can tell exactly how I feel to you, I’ll be able to answer you,” Tessa interrupted.


“Eeee… Eyin temiiii, e gbayi ju…., ma wa ri yin later (Eeee… my people are too much, I’ll see you later),” Juwon shouted his greetings in response to the accolades he got from some touts passing by absentmindedly as he rode back home from school.

He had had a bad day and was worried he’ll soon be a dead meat if he didn’t budge to the demands of the Red Tribe confraternity, the deadliest and most troublesome cult group on campus.

The Don had given him till nightfall to respond to their demands. “I’m just a fresh butter boy, I can’t even hurt a fly, please spare me, I’ll pay you in cash,” he had pleaded, but all his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Damn! Fine boy for nothing, now I have gotten myself in trouble with my lavish lifestyle,” Juwon said to himself while shaking his head sideways.

“Omo, man must do what he’s gotta do,” he said, as he sped off.

To be continued…

Stay out of trouble, be fab and adventurous 🙂


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