The thief called FEBRUARY

At this point, all i want to do is just find something to eat and sleep, at least, it’s the least I can ask for on this cool Friday evening.

My day in summary was nothing near exciting, after the long boring lectures today, I just want to find a way to ease out all the fatigue in my system as I dragged my feet, anticipating a relaxing way to usher in my weekend.

On sighting me, she just chanted excitedly with reckless abandon, “Omo oloku da? O ti w’owo lo” (I really dunno how to translate this). I ignored her at first cos she wasn’t making any sense to me. She continued her song while smiling sheepishly at me and was too excited to hide the fact that she broke the news of my grandma’s passing to me just at the entrance of the house.

It was at this note that all she’d been saying made sense to me. I, at first became numb, when the reality of the news she broke dawned on me, i held my face in my hands as tears poured uncontrollably from my eyes. I screamed and quickly fetched the keys to the room so as to get all the space I needed to wail and mourn my beloved grandmother.

Memories of how i bathed her, weaved her hair and engaged her in talks the last Christmas came flooding my thoughts, and all I could do was just cry, wishing she could come back to us.

Time passed and the reality of her passing became more evident as it meant no more visitations or travelling to see her, the only consolation was that she was aged and somehow, if we wouldn’t be selfish, we knew she needed to rest.

So we faced our business of growing up and living life and before we knew it, things became normal again and we would just remember her, other times laugh at some of the jokes she shared while reminiscing her times with us.


“Hello sir, good morning sir,”…………”ok sir.”

Fear gripped me, but i had to be strong after hearing dad sound unusually calm on the phone. I knew something was wrong but he was trying not to scare us because the details he gave on the phone weren’t so detailed, but weren’t comforting.

Immediately, I cancelled my trip to the office and before noon, was on my way to the hospital to check my brother who had been rushed in the previous night. Upon seeing him, my heart broke at his condition and the fear that gripped my heart became enormous with dangerous thoughts flooding my head.

I had to be strong for mum who was already looking like a shadow of herself. She was delighted to see me, us (alongside big sis, BIL, SILs). We waited several hours trying to find answers to questions that rushed through our minds on how we all got here.

Darkness was already drawing near, so we joined hands and prayed severely, hoping that God would restore him and bring him back to us because, the doctors’ reports and test results were indeed scary and not helping our faith, but we decided to seek for mercy and hoped the Almighty would grant us.

We all dispersed and went home quietly, hoping and believing for a miracle before daybreak.

It was indeed a long and very quiet night.

Morning came and hopes weren’t as high again as the miracle we yearned for never came to be because everything took a twist.

Right from midnight, my brother began to ‘gas’, he almost passed on 3/4 times before daybreak and had to be placed on oxygen. Mum had put up a show at the hospital, crying and wailing that the doctors and nurses make sure her son doesn’t die.

From the news we got, dad made sure we all had breakfast which was like a burden as the appetite wasn’t there, but because it promised to be a long day, we just had to swallow something (thank God we did).

We arrived the hospital quite early, and we took turns to see him. I initially thought he was asleep, not until i got closer to him in his bed, only for me to discover he was still in his previous state, only things had gone from bad to worse.

While with him, I touched him, prayed for him and just as I finished saying my prayers, he turned towards me, tears pouring from his eyes, I thought he saw me, recognized me, but he didn’t (he’d been subconscious for over 24 hrs). And before I knew it, right before my very own eyes, his spirit prepared to leave…I called mum and dad and everyone who could hear me.

My system became dis-stabilized; I wanted to pee and poo all at the same time. I began to shake and wail, i shouted his name asking him not to go anywhere. I told him to remember his 10 months old baby and young wife….Mum, dad, lil bro, doctors and nurses were with us now, and they asked us all to leave the room.

I ran out of the ward, shouting, questioning God, while hoping He would just do something from Heaven as i couldn’t bear to think that my brother would leave us – without a word, a smile, an assurance or something for us to hold on to…😭😭

But he did leave us….😞☹️😭and it’s been agonizing, realizing we won’t see him again except in pictures and our thoughts or dreams.


Although years apart, the month of February has stolen, taken away from me, from us, two amazing personalities that matter a lot to my generation.

This is a Tribute to my grandma, Ma Josephine Ogunkomaiya (Feb 13, 2004) and my beloved big brother, Mr Kolawole Olukomaiya (Feb 25, 2017), who are so dear to my heart and I miss greatly so…

Sleep on my beloved.


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