The burden called LONELINESS

Image: Isolation 8 by Jessica art.
Courtesy: BPD Pieces of Me

I can’t believe I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks of my life with this babe I hate so much to associate with.

Known to be a loner and an uncheerful figure, Alice is one soul I never want to have anything to do with, but right now, here I am, left with no other choice but endure her.

Words fail me on how best to describe her attitude of ungratefulness and unfriendliness, little wonder she is her own best friend as I have never stumbled on her with a friend, never!

Back to how I got stuck to Alice, her mum before her passing was a woman with a heart of gold. She cherished friendship so much so, she didn’t even mind what age bracket it came from. The woman was a good woman.

Based on the friendship tie her mum had with mine, mum helped Alice secure a side job that was supposed to last for four weeks. The job came with free accommodation, feeding and the agreed wage for the four weeks. You wouldn’t believe that a girl/lady as broke, and in need of the cool cash as Alice, in this time and age where nothing is ever free, couldn’t behave herself. ๐Ÿ˜’

So she had to move in with me (a fact I didn’t like but had to endure), we slept on d same bed and aunty would wake in the morning and find it very difficult to exchange pleasantries, who does that?๐Ÿ˜ก

I’m not about to bore you with her life history but she just isn’t the kind of person I wanna associate with as she lies, steals, gossips, swears and can curse for Africa. In looks, she isn’t anything near good looking and dresses shabbily and like she’s from the oldies.

Long story short, she started stealing and got exposed when she stole my own hard-earned N500 (five hundred Naira), haa! Money that I had plans for the previous night, suddenly grew wings and flew out my wallet, lailai, I won’t buy that.

So, I searched her bag while she was at work and found she’d been stealing from where she was helping out to sell groceries too, Choi! When confronted and she knew she’d been discovered, she tried to run away but we (myself and her employer) caught up with her and got our monies back from her.

Guess where she hid it….in her undergarment!!! Eeew๐Ÿ™ˆ

Now the most pathetic part of Alice’s story is she’s single without a boo, unfortunately, an innocent bruh was trying to chyke and accept her just the way she is but the demons from her village were on her case. Bruh’s mum just told her son to jejely move on when it’s not like Alice was the only one left in the world and they were only trying to help her sorry ass with the arranged relationship, especially with her ill manners.

Summary of my epistle is Alice is sad and tries to cover up or be strong by giving attitudes which in turn, messes her up the more.

She needs help but is failing to admit. She has an inferiority complex, she is sad, angry, broke, frustrated, egoistic, selfish, crazy and lonely all because she has refused to be reasonable.

A lot of us experience loneliness at one point or the other, not because we are not having it going for us, but because as humans, we can’t have it all and often have one or more lacks in our lives.

But I assure you that with the right attitudes and mindset we would be able to achieve or fill the void that being lonely creates.

My 2kobo advice is that as an individual, you look inward and work on yourself, seek help where necessary and be open to counselling as everyone deserves to love, be loved and accepted in return.

Stay fab and adventurous! ๐Ÿ™‚


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