New Year Resolution(s) Craze

Yass!!! It’s 2018 already! And yes, it’s my first post this year and also for a long while.

Start on January 1

I apologise for being silent and going off without prior notice, I have been fighting to be strong since the death of my beloved big brother last February, (although it’s been a tough battle as we all still reminisce on the good times we shared together amidst tears).

I give all thanks to the Almighty for helping me and the entire family alike to put ourselves together, it’s been by God’s grace we’re gradually living our lives back.

So the beginning of each new year is usually ushered in with various resolutions; to be a better person, do and achieve bigger things, drop bad habits, be more impactful, etc, but most times, out of every 10 resolutions, hardly do we get 3 being fulfilled or strictly adhered to (my opinion).

I’m not here to castigate anyone as I’m also guilty of this.

Anyway, I have made myself the promise to enjoy 2018 come what may (God willing), and be as adventurous as I can possibly be.

I want to design more beautiful and groundbreaking styles for myself and potential customers.

If Jesus tarries, I’m hopeful I will travel more this year, be happier and bring joy to my family and friends.

Also, I sincerely hope I can do more on this blog than I did in the previous years.

Whatever you seek to achieve this New Year, put the Almighty first, pray hard, work smart and I bet you, the sky would be your stepping stone.

Happy New Year beautiful people, stay sweet and adventurous! 🙂


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