Tales of a Sojourner: The Lome Getaway 2

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Once done, those of us who still had Naira on us, engaged in the ‘money-changing’ business with the Bureau de Change guys at the border. We bought food, drinks and other stuff to keep us going on the journey to Lome.

We hit the road and the journey seemed to take forever once the gist and laughter on the bus died down and most of us soon fell asleep, but I was part of the few ones awake.

Above us was the moon in its fullness and this made the evening a beautiful one for us. Before long, we got to Lome (at a time I can’t remember) and in excitement, I made sure to wake the others who were already fatigued and weary from the journey.

While navigating our way to our hotel, we got to a night club which was all bubbly and everyone on the bus forgot about their fatigue and just wanted to jump in the club. We didn’t understand the language of the song, but the sound of the music was really good.

At last, we prevailed on the party people amongst us and we all agreed to get to our hotel first, freshen up before hitting the club that night.

We soon settled in, chose our roommates and freshened up for the night ahead of us and before long, we were in the club.

Believe me, when I tell you we made Naija proud that night. There was enough booze and soft drinks for people like me who do not take alcohol.

The famous ‘Alhaji’ song was the rave of the moment at that time and the guys in the club had a peculiar way of jumping whenever the singer echoed ‘Alhaji, alhaji, alhaji, eh alhaji…’. We soon fell in love with the song and before long began to dig the song better than the locals.

We had suya, grilled gizzard and other finger foods going alongside with the drinks and was simply enjoying ourselves when one of us, a med student walked up to the DJ, gave him a tip and asked him to specially play some nice Nigerian vibes for us. We danced so much, we took the shine and even the girls from the town began to famz our guys.

Friday night was lit for us, we enjoyed ourselves at the club and after about two hours, we retired to our hotel rooms. The casanovas among us didn’t leave the club empty as they had companies for the night.

The fellowship we came for was slated for Saturday night, so Saturday morning started on a slow note as most of us took our time to rest well and afterwards, moved out to get food because we had to take care of our feeding individually.

Our travel guide, a Togolese soon arrived the hotel and we took a drive around the small city of Lome; the airport, beach (which was so dry that people did laundry there), the Grand market and some other fun places too.

Lome market

Fast forward to the fellowship proper, we arrived at the meeting venue and was given a well-deserved welcome. We had so much fun; karaoke, dance, games, but the pizza is the worst I have ever had.

As always, we stood out like the ‘foreigners’ that we were, we shone with Dbanj’s ‘Why me’, which was blowing the minds of Nigerians at the time. We were not allowed to leave until we taught our hosts how to dance to the song which they loved and left on replay till we left.

We found ourselves at the club later that night but didn’t spend so much time like the previous night because the turnout of people was much more than the previous night. This left us wondering if those guys we saw at the club had church in mind the following morning.

After about an hour, we left the club for the hotel to enjoy a good night rest in preparation for our journey back to Nigeria on Sunday morning.

I can’t remember eating any outstanding meal but in all, I enjoyed myself while on the trip, it was fun, fun, fun all the way and I’m still holding the memories from the getaway dear to my heart.

Stay fab and adventurous!  🙂


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