Tales of a Sojourner: The Lome Getaway

Travelling and going places have always gotten me excited not minding the time frame involved in getting ready for the journey ahead, good enough for me, such impromptu journeys were usually announced to me when I have me some money in my pocket :).

My adventurous trip to Lome is one I would never forget in a long time to come.

So as a young lady who just wants to see places while she can, once informed of the Togo conference, I made sure to get myself prepared physically, emotionally, psychologically and of course financially.

My beloved cuz who always had the latest gist called me some weeks before the departure day urging me to make sure I don’t miss out of the upcoming adventure that was being put together by my then DRR (District Rotaract Representative).

The aim of the journey was to fellowship with another Rotaract Club in Togo.

I didn’t have an international passport at the time but the good news was I didn’t need one for the journey. So we went to the nearest Local Government to get our (myself and cuz) yellow card which according to the information given us was a prerequisite for the journey ahead.

The d-day finally came and we all gathered at Mobil filling station, Maryland, our take off point for the most anticipated Togo trip.

So after the roll call, we got on our bus and began the journey at about 1 pm. Drama started when we got to Ojo (LASU gate), and we were delayed for about 30 mins because we had to pick some of us up and some financial commitments needed to be sorted by some of us embarking on the journey.

Once done, we got back on the road and by 4:45 pm, we arrived at the Seme border; while we were waiting to be cleared, on the dot of 5 pm, the Nigerian flag was lowered and we were thrilled because while the Nigerian anthem was being sung, no sort of movement by individuals or vehicles was witnessed.

Fast forward to when we arrived Benin Republic, it was impressive to know that the country was really civilised and followed traffic rules. The pedestrian walkway was respected and there was sanity on the road. Even hawking was done in style as no traffic seller was ready to run after any bus that wasn’t willing to park.

So while at the traffic light, we discovered that one of the sellers was from Nigeria, in fact from Ibadan, see eh, the joy that flowed in our hearts knew no bounds, but it was short lived as the green light came on while we were exchanging pleasantries.

We proceeded on our journey and arrived at the border between Benin Republic and Togo, and as always, we had to wait to be cleared. So while we were at it, I needed to take a leak and all I could think of at that time was how to get a decent place to urinate.

Upon enquiry, I had to pay 25 Franc to take a leak, shuo? pay to ease myself in a wooden, stinky space that also served as a public bath? As a sharp Lagos babe, I just told cuz, “cousin, make we go behind one of those buildings abeg” (pointing to the direction we came from).

So we walked back to the road where we were parked and began the ultimate search for a place to pee. The whole place was filled with people and almost all the trees had people waiting underneath it. We finally found a place close to one of the immigration offices with less crowd and made our way to a tree to help ourselves.

To be continued in the next post, till then, stay fab and adventurous! 🙂


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