So 2017 is here?

The famous greeting which heralds the beginning of every new Gregorian calendar year is in order and permit me to say Happy New Year everyone!

So 2016 was indeed a year that was notable for so many scandals, hardships, ups and downs and hard surprises, some of which includes the tomato ebola, deregulation of the downstream sector, naira devaluation, Donald Trump’s win at the US polls, MMM Nigeria’s freezing of confirmed mavros, budget padding, economic recession among others.

Looking beyond the bad or not too encouraging tides of 2016, the year was a blessing to many of us, which include my humble self. In more ways than one, I experienced goodness all around, all thanks to my ‘Big Sky Daddy’.

Project for New Year 2017

So 2017 has rolled in and is gradually unfolding before us, my expectations are even greater than that of 2016, many goals to be achieved and many monies to be made because it has started well for me on a really sweet note with precious memories to show for it.

Our utmost prayer from dahrahsimi‘s blog is that lines will fall in pleasant places for you our esteemed readers who stuck with us despite the epileptic publishing routine.

May our heart desires be speedily accomplished in no time and our mouths filled with laughter from the pleasant surprises we shall experience this year.

Once again, Have a great great 2017.

Stay fab and positive! 🙂


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