All My Eggs…

Right from puberty, he’s got eyes for me, but the bully in me always shunned him off. Maybe because, mum had told me in plain words, “If a boy touches you, you will get pregnant o”, so I never gave him the chance to come close, let alone touch me.

I can’t explain why he is such a good person with so much love and humility, even words have failed me in describing the kind of patience he keeps exhibiting with me whenever I choose to be the stubborn, naughty, most annoying and ill-mannered girl I can be at times (truth be told, I am not always pleasant).

I have always known him for as long as I can remember, in short, all my life; but I always want more, more than whatever he was offering at the time, forgetting that he can give me even more than what I chase about, but the explorer in me always looked elsewhere for what isn’t missing.

So as I grew up to become an adult, and he will come each time to meet me with so much meekness, telling me how his love for me is unending and he is always ready to forgive all my mistreatment to him.

Other times, he would send trusted friends, family members or even elders he knew earned a lot of my regard and respect to reassure me of his willingness to wait for me while pleading with me to have a change of heart and let him be the only one I will ever love.

Then one day, I decided to give him a trial and see for myself, if he was indeed what he says he is, or if he was trying so hard to please me because he was too good to be true.

So we began our relationship, it wasn’t easy for me because he took me away from some of the things I really loved to watch, read and do, which were more like my addictions.

Before I knew it, I was always looking forward to seeing him and spending time with him every day because I was indeed enjoying my relationship with him: he was pure, no hanky-panky, his words were true and he never failed to keep his promises.

At some point, I began to wonder how he was able to penetrate my folks as no one ever raised an eye concerning our relationship, especially when we were together alone. In fact, they trusted me with him completely without looking back.

Along the line, a dude strayed into my life, and I began to detest my first love. The new guy allowed me all the freedom I wanted, I began to drift back into my addictions and bad habits and I was enjoying it.

But my love never deserted me, rather, he showed me more love than I deserved, despite taking him for granted, he was overly patient with me, he is indeed Love.

Time passed and I was on and off with my love, one minute I am serious with him, the other minute, I want to be free from him. Note that he was never a possessive or jealous lover, but he was a resilient lover, as much as I kept hurting him time and again, he never rejected me, rather, always accepted me back with open arms.

I started feeling guilty because in my weakness when no other was there, he would always be there to pull me up, and he was faithful all through.

So we decide to pick it up again and I tell you, the amazing life started again and it was all wonderful until I began to mess up again.

As much as I try to stick to him alone, I always end in another’s arms, yet he will come get me, protect, nurture and tell me how undying his love is for me.

I am so ashamed of myself right now because he still loves me genuinely and would not give up on me, yet I seek what is not lost elsewhere, not because his embrace is not comfortable but because of what I term as unfaithfulness and greed.

He has everything I need: money, love, care, understanding, trust, faithfulness etc, and he makes sure I’m fine, yet I want the other guys who do not have the one-eighth of the goodies and love he is offering me.

Right now, I have made up my mind to shut my eyes to other men and concentrate on loving him alone while submitting myself to him totally (so help me God).

I have also decided to put him on the top on my priority list and so I have decided to put ALL MY EGGS into his basket alone because it is the wisest and safest thing to do.


He has been faithful and patient with me all along and he is never tired of me, instead, his love for me has remained unchanged.

Meet the One that has got me all the time from my mess, I call him Emmanuel but he is famously called JESUS CHRIST.

Ama stick with him forever cos he never left me and he still got me!

With Jesus, it’s safe to put all my eggs in one basket against the saying that says ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

Call on him today, and I am too confident that he’ll answer you pronto.

Stay fabulous! 🙂


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