Independence ghen ghen: Happy Birthday Nigeria!

Yaay!!! So it’s my beloved nation’s birthday!

Nigeria, a land of plenty, God’s own nation flowing with milk and honey.
Nigeria, a home where even in the midst of hardship, stagflation, scarcity and economic recession, we still make ourselves happy as ‘Owambes’ are never ending.
Nigeria, a home where you buy yourself comfort and all the needed infrastructures and amenities because her leaders are busy enriching their own pockets.
Nigeria, a home where our difference is our strength.
Nigeria, a home where our unity lies in our diversity (although a larger majority of us often deny this).


Nigeria, a home of many tongues and uniquely diverse cuisines (even balanced meals that naturally increases the libido).
Nigeria, a home to the world’s best talents and experts in different chosen fields.
Tell me a country under the surface of the earth you wouldn’t find a Nigerian? That’s because Nigerians are a people who seek wisdom and are highly industrious.

Truth be told, my great nation Nigeria is specially blessed for us by God.

Oh! Nigeria, how can I forget that you’re one Nation under God?

Even if N500 (five hundred Naira) is to a Dollar, I will never stop loving Nigeria whilst thanking God, and be unashamed to be called a NIGERIAN anywhere in the world!

Happy new month y’all, Happy birthday Nigeria, Happy independence day Nigerians, God bless Nigeria.

Stay fab and positive! 🙂


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