Man Of My Dreams…

Judging by the way my emotions are running haywire, I think I am really close to losing my mind because what I feel or I think I’m feeling is inexplicable.

The way my heart races and skips at times eh, it leaves me almost choking on my own excitement or should I call it anxiety.

Sadly, I can’t make myself come to terms with the fact that we come from two different worlds and what I wish for to transpire between us can never be realistic.

in my dream-dahrahsimiblog

As much as I have a loud reminder in my head that I just can’t have my way with you, I still take my time to painstakingly look forward to that day of the week when we get to cross path whilst making sure that my dressing and the total outlook is bespoke.

I keep wondering how I got here, how I have come to grow so fond of you so that I lose my senses just by the thought of you.

This dude from work has been my all time crush, good enough, we are not on the same floor but at least once a month, this compulsory departmental meeting always brings us together.

Before noticing his existence, the meeting was more of a burden to me but now, I practically look forward to this ‘Meeting’ of life that always breathes freshness into my soul.

Err…initially, I thought I was the only one who looked forward to the meeting but along the line, I found out we both had some sparks flying about whenever we saw.

My dude’s cute, intelligent (i mean very intelligent and versatile), a good dresser with a good sense of humour and his charming aura is amazing. Believe me when I say he’s exceptionally good at what he does.

We somehow found a way out of our shells and got talking about anything and everything and before we knew it, meeting days for us became mere formalities as we became almost inseparable.

Dude is undeniably fun to be with and quite romantic but…we can’t establish anything or take our friendship to the next level because…he only exists in my head!

I’m sure you’re like girl, are you sane? Yes, I am very sane, but all the fond thoughts of him, we being together, the fun thoughts, the time we shared together, only exist in my head. 😦

The scent of his perfume, his personality and everything revolving around this dude, unfortunately, has been all in a world I built in my head.

Well, I guess the time to be back in the real world is now before I do more harm to myself than good because sincerely, I have just been building my emotions and thoughts in the air.

I almost lost my sanity sha, but I’m glad to be back to reality, no more abstract thoughts of an invincible crush!


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