Oh, ​Waterfall!

Whether or not we chose to admit it, there’s a lot more going on in sex than we may have guessed.

Like the beautiful natural phenomenon it is named after, the waterfall position is one with the woman doing all the work(riding).

SOURCE: womenshealthsa.co.za

To get into this position, the man lies with his head and shoulder on the floor and his hips on the bed while the woman moves to the edge of the bed/chair and straddles the man and gets on top in a manner similar to the woman-on-top position.

The shoulders in most cases, rests on the ground  while the woman straddles her man with legs in front rather than legs behind.


This position allows the woman to have several minutes of hobby-horse riding thrills and is often recommended for those who are particularly adventurous in the bedroom, as it will certainly make things really interesting.

NB: One should take cognisance that as pleasing and as enjoyable as this position can be because of the tingling effects which comes as a result of blood rushing to the man’s head, over-enthusiasm in this position could lead to some serious injuries to either the penis or the man’s head (so ladies, beware and bros, dont break your neck or spine in the process).


You should try this sometime, you bet I will (when my morale is high). *wink*


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