Heaven, I Need A Hug!!!

So many times I have tried to encourage myself that this feeling of loneliness and depression engulfing me will someday gonna be a tale.

The feeling is so strong words have failed me on how to describe it. I usually find succour in soaking my pillow with tears every time I feel like this.


Other times, I just sing songs that I find edifying to my spirit because, in moments like this, I get tired of everything about me and around and all I wanna do is just walk away…

I am glad I found a better way to put this feeling under subjection tonight, by penning down these few words on how I feel.

At one point or the other in our lives, we all have had these dark times when as wives, we wish we could walk out of our marriages, run off somewhere without the children; as students, we wish we could just shut our friends out and forget school just so we can deal with our emotions.


Other times as employers, the overwhelming feeling of quitting our jobs become undeniably strong we just want to sleep in and not dress up for work.

As husbands, our dark times at times might be so deep, suicidal thoughts begin to creep in, and the list is endless.

But the good news is, most of us have somehow been able to come out well, strong and better just because we summoned the courage to let out those things bothering us.

According to research, some people overcome depression when they scream out loud till they don’t have the strength to continue, others get over their depressions by breaking stuff e.g plates, while people like me come out refreshed and lighthearted when we cry ourselves to sleep undisturbed.

For some others, talking to strangers who knows nothing about them is their healing balm, while others just want to talk to anyone close to them.

Depression that is out of hands is usually treated in the psychiatric hospitals, so we all should endeavour to always liven our spirits whenever we don’t feel like it.

Remember, whatever you’re passing through will soon fade away, just don’t give it room to germinate!

At this point, I feel better and that’s all that matters because writing this out has just given me succour.

Goodnight Diary 🙂


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