Tales of a Sojourner: The Mgbirichi Getaway- Part 2

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By 9:40pm we began our journey to (gosh! I have forgotten the name of the place o), the most important thing was, the bus was to take me where I would find my way to Mgbirichi.

At a point, I got tired of the phone calls, my friend has the heart of a weakling and wouldn’t stop calling my phone. The journey was slowed down when another round of serious rains began and unfortunately, our bus had only one tired wiper clearing the water on the windscreen.

Sincerely, I have forgotten what the junction I dropped off was called but since it corresponded with the name I was given, I was rest assured I was almost home, whew!

So, everywhere was still slightly flooded, the aftermath of the heavy downpour on the poor town.

I put a call through to my friend who was just round the corner waiting for my arrival, and once we were done with our pleasantries, transporting ourselves down to Mgbirichi town was a big deal, by the way, I was talking of err…i think 11pm or so, that better explains the reason for the difficulty.

Finally, a good ‘Samaritan’ decided to help us after plenty talk because he feared we could be waylaid and robbed as the expressway that led to Mgbirichi community was known for notorious robberies.

While on our way, the driver began telling different scary stories of how this and that happened to him on the road, how corps members were killed and all the tales made my tummy twist.

While his stories continued, I remember my Saviour and began to pray for safety while promising Him that I would not venture on that kind of a journey again (lol).

Whew! We arrived at our junction and I was more than glad to be out of his bus, and within 3 minutes, we got home to a town that hadn’t seen power supply in months at that time.

I was too fagged out to complain and the kind of warmth that embraced me once we got into the house was like my life depended on it.

I managed a hot bath, ate a cereal meal and once we were tucked in bed, we laughed and shared gists into the night.

The morning came, i felt a bit refreshed but still fatigued and couldn’t wait to explore the city but not until my host was done with the day’s activities,so I seized that opportunity to sleep till sleep was tired of me, I must confess, I slept like I was drugged or drunk, but I sure enjoyed the sleep.

Fast forward to later, my friend and I strolled and I was shown a few places and told fun stories about the town, saw some students of the Imo State Polytechnic, their hostels and lodges that belonged to the cool dudes because they were the guys who could afford to power their generators at any time of the day they chose.

Mgbirichi wasn’t entirely exciting for me because it was kind of remote but trust me to enjoy the food 🙂

One afternoon while staring at the banana plantation that was not far from the house, the Abacha (African Salad) seller just strolled into the compound, and being the food lover that I am, I had to get a taste of the meal.

I must confess, it was one of the best Abacha I have ever had so far!

Abacha (African Salad) of life!

Anyway, after spending three awesome days at Mgbirichi, saying farewell to my padi who hosted me those days were really emotional for us, but hey, I had to get back to work in Lagos.

Come and see drama at the park, travellers had money but couldn’t get buses, we got to about three different parks before I finally settled for the last park.

Once on the bus, bills settled, I made three new friends and was glad that it was time for me to roll back to Gidi. You can bet the return journey was, even more, fun!

Let’s catch up again where i shall be sharing another of my Up & About trips which mostly were impromptu getaways.

Stay fab and adventurous!  🙂


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