Tales Of a Sojourner: The Mgbirichi Getaway- Part 1

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I wrote about my getaways but this time, I will be sharing the  tale about my adventurous tour to Mgbirichi, Owerri, Imo State.

Mgbirichi is a small town that is estimated to be about 18 km away from Owerri, the Imo State capital. This town lies on the main road to Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital in the south-eastern region of Nigeria.

My journey to Owerri was quite funny as I arrived Ojota park, Lagos at 12 noon, but unfortunately, at that time, the last bus to Owerri was already on its way, my only option was to join the next bus to Benin, which I did.

The journey to Benin was smooth except for a few stopovers which were caused by the highway patrol police at different points on the way.

Our first stopover was at Ore, the first major stopover for travellers who are migrating from the west to the east.

Once done with the “leg stretching”, the journey resumed and we were ushered into Benin by a heavy downpour.

Benin, was my major stop but I wasn’t anything close to my final destination, so I hurriedly found a place to keep dry, before I became totally drenched in the rain.

Luckily, I was allowed to pass time by the entrance of a pharmaceutical store, which wasn’t helpful because I was as good as being in the rain.

But I didn’t mind because all that mattered to me at that time was how to get on a bus to Onitsha (news had it that the place was and still is highly dangerous especially at night).

So the rains finally stopped and I hit the road, trekking all the way down to the park I was directed to. Fortunately for me, I was the second or third passenger on the last bus to Onitsha as it was already getting dark.

After blaming the rain for a low turnout of passengers, we soon hit the road to Onitsha some 30/45 mins after I got on the bus. I was lucky to have secured for myself a good spot by the window, this gave me the opportunity to get a good view of the road and the city.

Meanwhile, I was already getting tensed as my friend from Mgbirichi kept calling by the second. We experienced a few delays, thanks to the men in black who mounted roadblocks at virtually all the junctions on the road.

Then for the first time in my life, I saw and passed through the River Niger Bridge (yay!!!), I only used to see it in documentaries and home videos.

According to the dude beside me on the bus, who graciously assumed the role of my tour guide, once we passed through the Niger Bridge, it was an indication that we were almost at Onitsha .

Upon getting to the Upper Iweka Road at about 9pm or thereabout, my tour guide who got off the bus a bus stop before the final bus stop, had given me a stern warning not to talk to anyone once I get off the bus. He also told me to walk quickly in the company of other passengers from the bus so I don’t have my stuff snatched away from me or worse still, become a rape victim to the touts.

I just boned my face while looking ahead of me and making sure that I wasn’t left behind in the dark part of the garage where our bus driver decided to drop us off.

So once I got to the top of the bridge where bus drivers were calling out their routes to prospective passengers, I took my time to be sure I was boarding the right bus because I couldn’t afford to be lost in a place I knew nothing about.

Sorry but we have to continue this gist in the next post.

Let’s catch up again where I shall be sharing another of my Up & About trips which mostly were impromptu getaways.

Stay fab and adventurous!  🙂



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