The “Slavery” Market

Dear Diary,

I have come to  the realization that in this life where we have found ourselves, so many of us actually die unfulfilled.

As humans, our needs are insatiable, that’s why we strive hard to achieve greatness.

Right from the moment we put our first foot to the ground, the hustle begins. We are enrolled in foundational schools at tender ages when we’re still supposed to be enjoying the bossoms of our parents, especially our mothers.

Once elementary school is done with, we proceed to high schools where we deal with peer pressures and struggle to make our parents understand we’re now adults and should be addressed as one.

Fast forward to being undergraduates, we all wished for the ‘First Class’ but gracefully find ourselves embracing the lower cadres of the honours after dealing with opportuned saddists in the positions of lecturers and poor learning conditions.

After graduation, comes the most anticipated service year and all the uncertainties that comes with it. So many great glories are wasted during this course, either in road accidents or due to human wickedness.

For those of us that are survivors, we are faced with so much hardships and challenges especially in the place of getting ‘lucrative’ jobs. So many of the seemingly unserious students back in school always seem to get the best jobs, while the ‘efiwes’, ‘the bookworms’ end up with meager jobs.

It’s heartbreaking when top-notch organisations demands so much requirements and qualifications from job seekers only for them to offer a very annoying and offensive figure that wouldn’t compensate for the stress encountered on the jobs or pay their bills.

Gone are the days when good jobs and cars waited for graduates upon graduation and school leavers were at the liberty of choosing the job that best suits them.

Now, the era we are faced with is that where modern-day slavery is made to look good and come in corporate forms. The labour market has been taken over by the slavery market, all because top notch firms and SMEs are run by task masters, greedy board members or decision makers who delight in cheap labour that seeks to get the best from their employees while achieving their company growth.

The good old adage says,“Good things come to those that wait”, but the reverse is the case now as, Good things often times happen to the bad/lazy guys/ladies.

Most of us are left with jobs we never dreamt of picking up, but we hang in there to give ourselves the desired emotional support, while people with affluence and riches, practically beg their children to go resume with companies where they apparently wouldn’t be making impacts.

It’s a really pathetic situation as the other day during an interview session, the lady on the panel said confidently that the organisation wouldn’t be paying more than a ridiculous amount of XYZ, i was pained because she gave an attitude which potrayed them as doing a big favour by offering that amount for a job role that practically holds the esteem of the brand in place at all times.

The ‘Slavery market’ is thriving especially in the corporate world and it is too real to be neglected. It is gradually killing the hopes and aspirations of young, vibrant Nigerians who thought reading hard and coming out with good grades would guarantee the good jobs.

Hmmmn, I am so pissed off right now, i think I’m done for today!


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