Tales Of A Sojourner- The ILE-IFE Getaway

Just like every other day, my love for adventure keeps increasing.

So as part of keeping up with my adventure series, I found my way to the ancient town of Ile-Ife to meet up with a friend.

Although I didn’t get to explore the fun places in the town; which of course includes the Ife Museum, the Oranmiyan Staff, Erin-Ijesha falls, Enuwa Square, Ile-Ife City Walls just to mention a few, because I have promised myself to return there to visit the interesting sites in the town.

OK, I must point out that even without touring the city, I still enjoyed my stay as a result of the body pains that decided to kill the fun before it even started at all. My host who was a med student in the town was so on point as the days I stayed were made memorable ones for me.

As a certified foodie, I can’t forget the food experience I had back at Ile-Ife. The part that got me really thrilled was from the night that preceded my return to Lagos; I ate this Shawarma of life over an ice-cold bottle of Irish Cream.

That was my first time drinking the Irish cream though (as I don’t have a thing for alcohol) but it made so much sense with the Shawarma wrap combo- I can still savour its taste in my mouth.

Another meal I enjoyed was the boiled yam coated in fried omelette with peppered sauce, gawd! some people are experts at making good food! I didn’t have more than two large slices of yam but I couldn’t have gotten more than the satisfaction derived from the little I had.

On the whole, the only part missing during my visit to Ile-Ife, Osun State, was the city tour which was cancelled because of the body pains that came knocking just on the second day of my arrival. That city must be explored on my next visit.

Let’s catch up again where i shall be sharing another of my Up & About trips which mostly were impromptu getaways.

Stay adventurous!


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