Why You Should Try The 69 Sex Position

If you and your partner are both oral sex lovers, the 69 sex position is one you should try and possibly indulge in!

The 69 sex position is where you and your partner are mutually inverted and perform oral sex on each other simultaneously. It can be done with either the man on top or the woman on top.


For added fun, some people prefer to do it sideways as it is a more relaxed position than others. It is a popular sex position but it is not one which is easy to master and it requires some co-ordination and manoeuvring for both partners to get comfortable.

Image Credit: sexpositionsbible.com

69 is one position that helps both partners to understand each other really well. It can also serve as a great position to spice things up. Spice up your bedroom action with this position when things are getting boring and monotonous in the bedroom, be sure for 69 to make it fun and challenging again!

Another beauty of the 69 sex position is that it’s a time saver! You don’t have to take turns to perform oral sex on yourselves. Plus it has a major benefit of not giving room for unwanted pregnancies if this is the only position you use during intercourse.

You also needn’t worry about the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases because it is lower than unprotected anal or vaginal sex.

The 69 or soixante-neuf (its proper French name) can be compared to fine wine. While some would love it and swear by it, others no matter how good the wine, would rather do the beer.


You should know your partner’s sexual history to be safe because if your partner is down with an infection, it can lead to STDs like herpes, throat, Chlamydia and throat gonorrhoea.

69, Yay or Nah? Air your views… 🙂


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