Class Of ’12

My joy couldn’t be contained as I proofread my answer sheet for the last time. We all were eager to celebrate and pop champagne as we shared the final beautiful moments to celebrate ourselves as we became the freshest graduates in town.

Earlier that day, I made sure to look my best in my dazzling ‘logout’ outfit and you can bet I enjoyed the attention I got as both young and old guys couldn’t help but give me a second look. I felt as if I had the world in my palm.

Fast forward to the end of the examination, we trooped out of the exam hall and immediately, the jubilation began with our course adviser who after his brief departing speech helped to pop the first bottle of wine.

Screams filled the air, everyone was excited to be finally done with lectures, projects, studying for tests and ultimately writing exams. For one like me, it was a memorable day as I was the only one amongst my siblings who was yet to be a graduate.

Yes! finally, my folks would be proud of me, although I didn’t make the first class but hey, I was proud of myself that after the most awesome four years of my life, I came out successful.

Maybe you think I didn’t mean the fact that those years were prolly my best years yet because I enjoyed independence, privacy, I practically owned my life in the course those years.

Sorry for digressing. Back to logout paparazzi, we began the photography sessions. Guys and ladies took their turns amidst groups pictures and individual selfies.

Upon graduation, we all had our expectations and hopes of what we want our futures outside of the school campus to reflect but alas, it wasn’t meant to be as some of us were saddled with missing scripts palava, others with the extra year burden.

And looking back now, I appreciate the Class of 2012 as they are in one word: A Unique Generation!

Much love for you guys, cheers to a more promising future!


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