And so it was my 21st birthday, so many gifts came in handy and I was elated as I felt so much love on this day. ‘PS’ as we fondly call him came into the house and wished me a happy birthday like I had gotten from so many well-wishers.

Immediately after the greetings, he asked for him to be excused. On his return, he brought with him this very wonderfully designed carrier bag, he handed it over to me and turned to take his leave.

I was as excited as I have been all day long to check out my new gift, and in the carrier bag sat a glass perfume tree with various fragrances sitting on each branch of the five-branched glass tree, ‘hmm, beautiful’ I thought, and next in the bag was the cutest teddy bear mug. teddy mug I instantly fell in love with the gift.

From its beautiful carton, I couldn’t stop the admiration of the mug and I made sure everyone knew about my new piece of beauty and I was more than pleased to start drinking from it that night.

Of course after this teddy bear mug gift from PS, I have gotten many more mugs, but this still remains my favourite as it was my FIRST MUG EXPERIENCE.


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