RED MADE US! (Part 2)

While i struggled to keep my eyes open, and to get a place of refuge nearby; my phone chose that moment to ring and my frustration increased.

“Oh! who is this one disturbing me at this time now? Ha! I want to get to my car jare, the caller would have to call me later.”

The calls persisted and out of annoyance, I put my handbag in front of me and the other bags in the other, struggling seriously to retrieve my phone. The struggle process was on-going when i suddenly felt the shield from the rain, although the rain still poured down.


i looked up and all i could see was the frame of this Big Red umbrella, I turned back and there he was, smiling profusely from ear to ear at me and holding the piece of umbrella graciously over our heads.

Sheepishly, i returned his smile while thanking him. The gentleman in him came to play when he asked to help with one of my bags, kia kia (meaning quickly) I gave one out to him. We walked quietly to the garage while the rains and some other surrounding noise gave music to our ears while he continued to show off his very yummy dentition.

He carried himself with so much swag and elegance, sincerely it melt my heart.

Once at the park, after helping myself finally to the comfort of my car, I was shy and just had to be nice so i asked for his name while honestly trying my best possible to be pleasant; “Olufemi”, was his response with the ever charming smile toback it up. His response got me so warmed up as the name happens to be one of my favourite because popsy bore that name before his demise.

I thanked him for so much for the kindness he brought my way and tadaa! we exchanged contacts. Since the Oluwole encounter, we’ve been so inseparable and your guess is so right because on my last birthday, he popped the question and I’m rocking the cutest diamond ring ever on my left finger.

The supposedly sluggish Paulina delayed me and I’m grateful for that delay because I have found a lifetime of happiness in the rain.

This is our love story.

our red umb

It all started with a Red Umbrella…


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