RED MADE US! (Part 1)

oluwole market
The ever busy Oluwole Market

Oluwole market has forever been bubbling with so much activities and it is fast approaching workers closing hour. “Oh-oh! Nibo ni omode yi gba lo gan?” (Where has this child gone to?), Iya-Alaje lamented, I checked my wrist watch for the umpteenth time in the last one hour as i was already running out of patience, or why would I just sit here and waste precious time with getting the complete Aso-oke i’m bound to supply for my bestie’s wedding which is holding in less than two weeks!

Mumuring now, I said to myself, “This is why I don’t like this Lagos Island shopping ish, it saps one’s energy, time and these market people have a culture of just delaying someone sha”. Finally, Paulina; Iya-Alaje’s sales girl strolls in sluggishly, chewing gum carelessly too, i felt like slapping normalcy into her brain. “Iwo omo oniranu yi, ibo lo wa sample aso lo lati ekan?, se o ti gbagbe pe o da customer duro ni?” (You this useless girl, where have you gone to in search of the sample, have you forgotten that a customer is waiting?). Scolding the girl at this time was not helping matters as i wasn’t anything near interested in the show, the once sunny sky had suddenly turned grey and it was evident that the clouds wanted to cry that evening. Good enough, she got the complete amount and exact colour of the material given her and i was grateful the number was intact, as i do not plan to return anytime soon to this place.

Packing the clothes into a cellophane bag became another big deal because their talks became so irritating than ever. All I wanted was to be out of this shop, get to the motor park as fast as i can before the downpour, but these ones i have business with are not just bothered about the weather, and that increased my irritation; ‘shey na una fault ni? Why did Iya Shukura have to fall sick at this time sef?’ I wondered. That woman makes a lot of sense o, I would have forgotten i ever came shopping today sef. It was the dust that came with the wind that brought me back to the reality on ground, as i suddenly remembered i didnt come inside the market with my emergency umbrella that’s in the back of my car.

Ha! How do i get to the car in this rain and not get all wet & messy without an umbrella that would at least help reduce the effect of the rain, the Aso oke is so delicate and i can’t afford to ruin it before its delivery. i grabbed the bags which contained the materials and hurriedly walked in the midst of people who were also trying to get to their safe spots before the downpour begins. i hadn’t even walked five minutes when this rain of life began dropping on my head, I felt like fainting, because the sensation each drop left on my head was not anything near nice. This rain is not just going to make a mess of my hair which i can bear, but these materials….    


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