Without Warning ⚠️

So it’s already 365 days of losing you, with fresh agonizing memories of your passing… At this time, words and my emotions have failed me as I am so sad remembering that you left without goodbyes. Kolawole, we all miss you, we truly do, but below is a: TRIBUTE TO THE WORLD’S GREATEST BROTHER (Wed, […]

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The thief called FEBRUARY

At this point, all i want to do is just find something to eat and sleep, at least, it’s the least I can ask for on this cool Friday evening. My day in summary was nothing near exciting, after the long boring lectures today, I just want to find a way to ease out all […]

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“All my haters in this office are so in trouble, ptcheeew! Yeye chewing gum girls”, Thelma, a known troublesome, ‘wanna be’, began to soliloquise while chewing her gum aloud irritatingly. As usual, I faced my business and played deaf to all her rants, what I know for sure is, she doesn’t have the guts to […]

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The burden called LONELINESS

I can’t believe I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks of my life with this babe I hate so much to associate with. Known to be a loner and an uncheerful figure, Alice is one soul I never want to have anything to do with, but right now, here I am, left with no other […]

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New Year Resolution(s) Craze

Yass!!! It’s 2018 already! And yes, it’s my first post this year and also for a long while. I apologise for being silent and going off without prior notice, I have been fighting to be strong since the death of my beloved big brother last February, (although it’s been a tough battle as we all […]

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Some days I just sit and remember….

The overwhelming soberness I feel now is one I find hard to describe because, my big brother may not always be by my side, but he is always in my heart. Little did we know that morning that God was going to call your name. In life we loved you dearly, in death, we do […]

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Goodbyes are not forever…

Day by day I think of you, How can all of this be true? I can’t believe you’re really gone, I still can’t accept it, Even after four weeks. Just the thought of you makes me cry, I never even got the chance to say goodbye. Advertisements

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February: Season of Double grace…

Happy new month lovelies! It’s February already, the season to enjoy everything in double portions, if you doubt me, ask madam Bey who confirmed this month, to being blessed with two nations in her womb! Advertisements

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Tales of a Sojourner: The Lome Getaway 2

Click here to read Part 1… Once done, those of us who still had Naira on us, engaged in the ‘money-changing’ business with the Bureau de Change guys at the border. We bought food, drinks and other stuff to keep us going on the journey to Lome. We hit the road and the journey seemed […]

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Tales of a Sojourner: The Lome Getaway

Travelling and going places have always gotten me excited not minding the time frame involved in getting ready for the journey ahead, good enough for me, such impromptu journeys were usually announced to me when I have me some money in my pocket :). My adventurous trip to Lome is one I would never forget […]

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