The Tessa Series (1)

“I’m all grown up and can take my own decisions too!”, Tessa barked out at her mum who was sitting opposite the door in their one-room apartment at Itamaga, a community within Ikorodu town, somewhere in Lagos State. Heartbroken at the sudden and perpetual rudeness of her daughter towards her in recent times, Mrs Teriba […]

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Without Warning ⚠️

So it’s already 365 days of losing you, with fresh agonizing memories of your passing… At this time, words and my emotions have failed me as I am so sad remembering that you left without goodbyes. Kolawole, we all miss you, we truly do, but below is a: TRIBUTE TO THE WORLD’S GREATEST BROTHER (Wed, […]

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The thief called FEBRUARY

At this point, all i want to do is just find something to eat and sleep, at least, it’s the least I can ask for on this cool Friday evening. My day in summary was nothing near exciting, after the long boring lectures today, I just want to find a way to ease out all […]

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“All my haters in this office are so in trouble, ptcheeew! Yeye chewing gum girls”, Thelma, a known troublesome, ‘wanna be’, began to soliloquise while chewing her gum aloud irritatingly. As usual, I faced my business and played deaf to all her rants, what I know for sure is, she doesn’t have the guts to […]

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The burden called LONELINESS

I can’t believe I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks of my life with this babe I hate so much to associate with. Known to be a loner and an uncheerful figure, Alice is one soul I never want to have anything to do with, but right now, here I am, left with no other […]

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New Year Resolution(s) Craze

Yass!!! It’s 2018 already! And yes, it’s my first post this year and also for a long while. I apologise for being silent and going off without prior notice, I have been fighting to be strong since the death of my beloved big brother last February, (although it’s been a tough battle as we all […]

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